Total Water Quality Management of Industries

Water quality used in the industrial processes impact many dependent industries and eventually affects the goods and services produced out of it. Thus, directly impacts the ROI of the company. It is extremely critical to maintain the water quality as well as maintaining its compliance with ever moresevere environmental safety and industry standards.

Apart from applying the environmental protection laws of Reusing, Recycling,& Recovering; SEERAM brings the expertise as mentioned herein

  •  The critical analysis of water bases by collecting the samples from a desired location
  •  Water quality examination that is required for various activities or process
  •  Design of the Water Treatment Plant to achieve expected water quality like Sedimentation,Filtration, Softening, Demineralization, Reverse Osmosis, etc.) 
  • In-house control of reduction in waste generation as well as resource consumption •    Waste waterSegregation, Collection, & treatment

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