Total Water Quality Management residential complexes

  • Study of “demand – supply”: Critically assess & calculate the demand for water required for various usages like Drinking, WC flushing, Washing,Bathing, etc. Vs the supply of available water source
  • Design of overhead &underground water tanks and the pumping system
  • Design of Water Treatment Plant
  • Design of water distribution system for different quality of water including distribution mains, risers & down lines

  • Design of Sewerage system both for sewage & sullage
  • Design of Sewage Treatment plant & Tertiary treatment Plant to recycle the treated sewage for WC flush, gardening & car wash
  • Design of rain water collection system, Storm Water Drainage & Rain Water Harvesting

Our consultancy for total Water Quality management includes data collection, design of system, and specification for civil, electrical & mechanical works, floating the tenders, techno-commercial negotiation with suppliers, drafting the agreement with specification. Inspection of plant & equipment at manufacturers site, inspection during installation & commissioning, man power training and 6 months follow up to ensure the design performance

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