The main role of education when it comes to environment protection is offering awareness to everyone in a society. Education can provide better awareness of a variety of environmental issues that take place day by day

Knowledgeable Society

Environmental education teaches individuals and communities to know about the environment and its related problems, become aware of the solutions to the environmental problems, save environment from potential issues.

Solve Complex Issues

Environmental education can help to solve complex issues. Environmental issues are one of the main causes of many diseases, health issues and long term livelihood problems in India. 

Holistic Approach

Education on saving environment or effective environment protection programs promote a holistic and lead by example approach among people.


Green buildings incorporate design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and occupants.”
Green Building provides an integrated, holistic approach to addressing the environmental impact of buildings consistent with meeting triple bottom line principles.

Passive solar design of Buildings

Green building is an approach to design and construction that respects the environment and conserves resources. It is a common sense approach that creates a more cost effective, enjoyable and sustainable buildings. Passive solar design for natural heating and cooling is practiced throughout the world under all climate conditions. As energy costs rise, it is essential to use building orientation, window placements, roof overhangs, reflective barriers and other techniques to control natural solar energy.

Orientation of Site/Land Plot Site

The Site’s orientation is identified by the direction that the front of the land piece faces where building is proposed. When one stands at the Site and faces the road, the direction one face is said to be the Site’s orientation. 

Orientation of the building is generally used to refer to solar orientation which is the planning of building with respect to solar access. It is guided by natural elements like sunlight and its intensity, direction of the wind, seasons of the year and temperature variations. Site specific planning is very crucial for a nature friendly building and it should be oriented appropriate to the region’s climate. A building may have to take need of multiple orientation factors depending on functional requirements.

India is country of culture and spiritualism. Since Vedic civilization. All Directions, all natural sources  including planets and rivers are personified as god and goddesses and worshiped. Our Various festival or cultural events are Observed based on the planetary positions and held on the rivers. With the reference of this concept is based on this factor with the beautiful middle court of justice where all functions, all facilities and environment get justice. Use of natural resources like water ponds from rivers , and natural green zoons, use of natural solar light with the help of solar panels. Use of this all factors of natural resources gives justices to environment.

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